Volunteer for The Alliance

The Alliance is a nonprofit agency empowering victims of domestic violence in Chaffee County by providing information and support services so they can live a life free from abuse. In 2011, The Alliance served 215 women, men, and children by providing essential support services including 24-hour crisis intervention, safe-housing, safety planning, financial assistance, peer counseling, support groups, court advocacy, civil restraining orders, information and referrals.

The Alliance is looking for people interested in becoming a volunteer advocate to respond to our 24-hour crisis phone. Volunteers will receive a free, comprehensive 20-hour training and will be supported by The Alliance staff during their service.

Sharon Kubik, a volunteer for The Alliance said, “Being and advocate is both rewarding and healing! For one weekend a month, I let go of my own worries and truly give to others.”

For more information call 719-539-7347.

Volunteer Advocate Job Description

  1. The Volunteer Advocate will be available to carry the 24-hour crisis phone at least one weekend per month.
  2. When the Volunteer Advocate is on-call he or she will be responsible for responding to crisis calls, meeting victims of domestic violence or sexual assault in a safe place and providing emergency safehousing, food and financial assistance to victims as the need arises.
  3. The Volunteer Advocate will remain qualified as an on-call volunteer by attending required training sessions and monthly volunteer meetings.
  4. The Volunteer Advocate will record all contacts made while on-call and will submit the proper documentation to the Executive Director or Adult Advocate following periods on the crisis phone.
  5. The Volunteer Advocate will review all cases he or she works with the Adult Advocate and/or Executive Director following or during on-call periods.
  6. The Volunteer Advocate will maintain the confidentiality of all victims served by The Alliance
  7. The Volunteer Advocate will attend monthly advocate meetings and will notify the Adult Advocate or Executive Director if he or she is unable to attend.
  8. The Volunteer Advocate will agree to volunteer his or her services to The Alliance for a minimum of one year and will notify Adult Advocate or Executive Director if his or her circumstances change.
  9. The Volunteer Advocate will count all hours on the crisis phone and sign the volunteer timesheet log after each period of volunteering.

Education/Training: Required to take 20-hour volunteer advocate training administered by The Alliance and attend all supplemental sessions provided by collaborative agencies and professionals.

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer at The Alliance

  1. To be an active part of my community.
  2. Because violence against one woman hurts all women, and because my liberation is connected to hers.
  3. To be a part of a progressive organization that continually evaluates itself and its function in the community.
  4. Because violence against women is accepted in our society and The Alliance gives me options to challenge and change this.
  5. Because the training is so comprehensive and intense! I didn’t know how widespread the problem was—and now I’m a resource for friends and family.
  6. To gain valuable experience for my career path.
  7. To share your skills with others.
  8. To be continually challenged to be the person I want to be – giving, truthful, a critical thinker and an activist for social justice.
  9. To grow personally and learn things about myself I never knew.
  10. To work with other people who are passionate about creating change and living equality.

  If you would like to become a volunteer for a great cause, Contact The Alliance for more information about ways you can help!